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This Mitzvah of writing a Sefer Torah is the last of the 613 Mitzvot and was fulfilled by Moses just prior to the Jewish people’s entry to the Land promised to them by G-d. This underscored the timeless principle that we are One people , with One Torah, under One G-d.

When a community joins in writing a Sefer Torah, it emphasizes that the Jewish nation is one Torah scroll. Every individual is one letter. We are all one unit - all interdependent and all equally important.

We are delighted that our friends and neighbors at the Perlman Family Foundation have entrusted Chabad of River North & Fulton Market to commission a Sofer (Jewish scribe) to write a Torah and dedicate it for OUR community.

This project is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Jane R. Perlman, of blessed memory, a woman who exemplified community building. In her spirit, the Perlman family is grateful to Chabad for sharing this Mitzvah with all who wish to participate.

We invite you to join by endowing a Book, a Parshah (weekly portion), or a Pasuk (verse) in our community Torah. It’s a wonderful way to mark a milestone or to honor the memory of a departed dear one.

The Zohar recounts: G-d looked into the Torah and [from it] created the world. Each Letter in the Torah serves as a conduit for vitality, blessing and security for the living and brings elevation to the soul in whose merit it is being written.

We hope that this campaign will inspire caring and sharing within our community and serve as a vehicle for blessing and well-being for all.

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